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Why SAFe Agile VS Scrum

updated on 29 Aug, 2020

Why SAFe Agile VS Scrum

Scrum Vs SAFE

In this post, let us have a brief look on to the practices of both Scrum and SAFe based on the exceptional Agile technology, on which both rely.

Agile Methodology

Agile is a methodology of working on iterative development. The Agile software development includes the process to assist self-organization and liability, with the best set of engineering practices. It also provides assistance to promote swift delivery of high-grade software. The Agile way of processing allows a professional approach that eventually aids in orienting the development of company goals and fulfills the divergent needs of its customers.

This approach is the invention of some fourteen leading business figures in the technological industry. It reflects their ability and tendency, which readily suits the requirement of the stipulated platform. The concept that is under practice is all based on Agile Manifesto.

Scrum at Scale

  • Scrum is an agile way to administer disparate software development.
  • It is fundamentally, for the teams of smaller size to manage their business. It is helpful in scaling frameworks of all sizes.
  • It is based on three major objectives- Inspection, Transparency, and
  • Scrum at scale is an extension scrum framework from its core.
  • It considers an extensible approach for scaling Scrum, making use of a set of shared goals for the alignment of the complete organization.
  • Rather than considering scrum as a methodology, take it as a unique framework for implementing a process.
  • Scrums way of approach is very simple but extremely hard to execute from the core.
  • Scrum scaling fails to take in many essential aspects, unlike the Scaled Agile Framework.
  • This strategy is conveniently customizable.
  • The featuring point is that it uses a modular approach where you will find no two implementations of the scrum are same.
  • Framework required for the scrum scaling purpose exclusively depends on an individual case basis.
  • Here, it is enough if you adopt modules that are demanded only by the specific platform and purpose. This helps the team workers to deal with highly specialized processes rendering multiple numbers of choices to work.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

  • SAFe is basically, an enterprise-scale establishment method.
  • It is the most in-demand framework for scaling scrums.
  • SAFe is widely for the development of a whole organization of huge scope to direct their toil.
  • It makes use of Lean and Agile concepts and theory, enclosed by the templated framework.
  • This technique outlines a highly organized framework to operate an enterprise context fully based on Agile value stream.
  • With SAFe, you can manage all possible features and aspects of any organization.
  • It accommodates a staple method of DevOps, for agile processing.
  • It is applicable efficiently while retaining the current process structure and organizational features of the company.
  • SAFe has the ability to expeditiously reap the benefits, under any circumstance with a localized way of agile working.
  • It is not customizable and as easy as Scrum scaling.
  • The Scaled Agile Framework requires crucial planning for your value production with multiple numbers of analysis.
  • SAFe is the widely available foundation of knowledge, which is a set of structures, principles, and It is intended to run smoothly to scale using agile features. It has been the pre-eminent choice of all organizations, which were using ad-hoc or waterfall methodologies. It is capable of consistently providing the agile benefits over all the methodologies.

Benefits of Scrum Vs SAFe

  • High-value attributes are generated and delivered too quick
  • Reduces time and wastage with increased coherence
  • Decreases non-productive job for the workers
  • Ensures maximal delivery value and provides re-prioritize
  • Focuses on project-level tracking by monitoring, detecting and solving the issues very quick

Benefits of SAFe Vs Scrum

  • Helps even the largest organization to be more responsive and receptive towards the workers
  • Ensures Faster delivery
  • It largely encourages and develops the areas of employee concerns and production of the whole organization
  • Focuses on synchronized delivery of efficacy
  • Improvement in the reduction of the defective products is seen as a drastic change with the implement of this specific agile methodology

Scaled tooling

It is of great importance that adequate tooling is always a considerable aspect. The agile methodology directs focus on both the individual and interactive tools and processes. The well-organized tool is definitely supported for the scaling of the scrum or SAFe methods, to directly or indirectly jolt the efficiency and profitability of related teams. For supporting purpose, stipulated agile platforms like codeBeamer ALM, can very well work with any of the agile methods. Whether it is Scrum at Scale or the Scale Agile Framework method, the tool is capable of assisting the streamline collaboration along with the unique transition process.


The major difference between the Scrum and SAFe agile methods truly lies behind the way that we take into practice. It depends on the technique that each one takes for handling the work. Agile development for a small team or for a medium sized organization level, which emerged some 20 years back, constitute a powerful approach to upgrade the delivery time of the software. It has also improved the all-inclusive quality of the entire development process while providing user involvement. Moreover, it has thrown a trusty satisfaction on scaling platform, for any small to large sized organizations. The agile development technology varies from the long established approach of the software management called ‘Waterfall’.